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The Suite Life Movie Vietsub Online

Cuộc Sống Thượng Hạng Vietsub Online

The Suite Life Movie - Cuộc Sống Thượng Hạng
During spring break, Cody and Zack are approached to join the Gemini Project, a high-tech research center studying the dynamics between twins. Shockingly, they find themselves interconnected in a way they've never been before! When one twin experiences a sensation, thought or feeling, the other twin feels it too. While this newfound revelation helps the boys see eye to eye for the first time, it puts them in more danger than they could have imagined.
(8 vote, điểm trung bình: 10 trên 10)

79 min 2011-03-25 11,031 views

  • Thời lượng: 79 min
  • Chất lượng: HD
  • IMDb: 5.6
  • Ngôn ngữ: Vietsub
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